AI at the Faculty of Economics and Statistics

The Faculty of Economics and Statistics advocates an open, transparent, critical and responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI) tools

In general, students can use AI-based tools, such as DeepL or Grammarly, for spell-checking, translating and improving the style and grammar of texts they have written themselves. Students are responsible for the accuracy and authenticity of the content they produce.

In addition, students should be able to learn and practice the use of AI tools such as ChatGPT (text production), Elicit (literature research) or Explainpaper (text comprehension) in various courses1. Course instructors decide whether and how AI tools are used. Teachers specify the permitted tools in the course syllabus.

For further helpful information, please refer to the homepage Artificial Intelligence and University [Künstliche Intelligenz und Universität] which provides

  • FAQs on the topic of AI at the University of Innsbruck, 
  • information on the topic of AI & digital teaching,
  • links to current events and
  • links to further education

and keeps all the information up to date. 


1 , from March 25, 2024.

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