Poster CDE 2024

Theatre in the Digital Age

32nd Annual CDE Conference
Innsbruck (Austria), 2 - 5 May 2024

Organisers: Dorothee Birke, Anja Hartl, Christoph Singer, Ulrich Pallua, Ines Gstrein

At unprecedented speed, digital technologies have, during the course of our own lifetimes, transformed everyday routines and entered all spheres, from the political to the most intimate. Our conference asks how the theatre – which has always developed alongside, in conjunction with, or against the odds of technological developments – is affected by and has responded to these profound changes. It aims to take stock of the urgency and creativity with which these transformations have been taken up in contemporary Anglophone playwriting and performance. In addition, these entanglements with the digital also pose questions about the very nature of the theatre and call for reflections on its role in the newly emerging media environment.

Part of our conference is a round table discussion at the Tiroler Landestheater on the topic “How the Digital is Changing the Theatre”. You can get tickets for it  here (the entry is free, but the number of available seats is limited). Please note: If you are a participant of the CDE conference, you do not have to obtain a ticket yourself – you will receive it from the conference organisers before the start of the event.

The conference is sponsored by:

International Relations Office
Research Center Cultures in Contact
Research Area Cultural Encounters - Cultural Conflicts
Land Vorarlberg
Land Tirol
Office of the Vice Rector for Research
Department of English
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