Dipl.-Ing. Julika Knapp

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E-mail: Julika.Knapp@uibk.ac.at


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Julika Knapp holds a degree in Environmental Engineering and is research fellow at the Unit of Environmental Engineering of the University of Innsbruck since 2009. Her research areas are waste and resource management with a focus on biological treatment technologies, production of biogas and landfill mining. She is also involved in teaching activities and supervises student research projects.

Julika Knapp studied at the Technical University of Berlin and at the University of Nottingham in the UK. The main focus of her studies was water and wastewater management, environmental management and waste reduction/recycling. After finishing university, Julika Knapp carried out a survey on local water resource management in a rural region in Chile. As project manager she worked at Adelphi Research, a non-profit institute that develops and implements innovative sustainable development strategies. There she has been working in the field of environmental technology and know-how transfer and the application of environmental technologies in developing and transition countries.

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