Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Anke Bockreis

Tel. +43 / (0)512 / 507 – 6921
Fax. +43 / (0)512 / 507 – 2911
E-mail: anke.bockreis@uibk.ac.at

Research activities:

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Anke Bockreis holds a degree in civil engineering and made her PhD with the topic of monitoring of biofilters.
She was working at the IWAR – Chair of waste management at the University of Darmstadt, Germany for more
than 14 years. Her main focus was on the biological and mechanical-biological waste treatment as well as on
the determination of the emissions from waste treatment plant and their reduction.

Furthermore she worked for several consulting companies also in the field of mechanical-biological waste
treatment and monitoring of emissions.

Anke Bockreis is head of the team “Waste treatment and Resource Management” since October 2009.

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