Urban water management

The Integrated urban Water Research Group aims to be at the international forefront in developing innovative solutions to urban water problems with special emphasis on drainage issues. Urban Water Research incorporates projects focussing on the interaction between various elements of the urban water cycle, in-sewer processes, surface water runoff quality management, modelling of integrated systems (sewer, treatment plant & receiving water) as well as sustainability of urban water systems.

Additionally, the group covers issues such as the occurrence and utilisation of groundwater and surface water in alpine regions, technical water resources management, processes determining groundwater quality, management of the thermal potential of aquifers and also operation and management of alpine water supply systems. The activities of the group are closely connected with the regional effort to establish Tyrol as a key figure with respect to alpine water management. The task of IUT´s research group is to provide the necessary scientific background.

Selected Research Projects

Water supply networks and water resources

Urban drainage and wastewater treatment