MehrWert for Innsbruck - Reusable Cups for Coffee to go




Funding period

11/2016- 10/2019



  • Unit of Environmental Engineering, Universität Innsbruck
  • Baguette/ MPREIS Warenvertriebs GmbH
  • Der Bäcker Ruetz GmbH z
  • Österreichische Mensen Betriebsgesellschaft mbH (ÖMBG)
  • coffeekult OG
  • Brennpunkt coffee competence


Project Description:


The “Besser Kaffeetschln” Project

The increasing trend in coffee-to-go and disposable cup use has also caught the attention of the Waste and Resource Management Department of the University of Innsbruck. To raise awareness about this issue and tackle the problem with a practical solution, the university partnered with local coffee-to-go retailers for a project called Besser Kaffeetschln.

The Besser Kaffeetschln project is a collaborative effort between the University of Innsbruck and several coffee-to-go retailers, namely, Mensa, Bäcker Ruetz, Baguette (M-Preis), Coffeekult and Brennpunkt. The project is focused on introducing an environmentally friendly, reusable cup as an alternative for Innsbruck residents to enjoy their coffee-to-go across all participating partner locations. The aim is to enable the people of Innsbruck to do their part in tackling the growing disposable cup waste problem by using a sustainable alternative that they can integrate into their daily life.

An important part of the Besser Kaffeetschln project was the development and implementation of a survey to assess the attitude towards coffee-to-go and reusable cups in Innsbruck. The aim of this survey was to gain preliminary insights into what motivates consumers to choose coffee-to-go from a disposable cup versus a reusable option. Therefore, the survey was conducted in early Summer 2018 at the “Mitarbeiterfest” for University of Innsbruck employees, before the official launch of the Besser Kafffeetschln campaign and before the BesserCup was made available for purchase.


As of September 2018, the BesserCup was made available at all Innsbruck branches of the project partners. The cup was sold at a low price (5,90 Euro) and the first filling was offered for free, making the cup very affordable. Furthermore, all partners agreed to offer a 10-cent rebate with every coffee-to-go purchased in a reusable cup. Along with providing a reusable alternative to consumers, sales staff were trained to offer the BesserCup as an alternative to a disposable cup with every coffee-to-go purchase. Furthermore, the project launched a small-scale marketing campaign that included informational posters and flyers, visible in all participating branches, as well as a promotional video shown in local cinemas and film festivals throughout the Summer months of 2018. The idea was to raise awareness for the disposable cup waste problem and promote the idea of using an environmentally friendly alternative, such as the BesserCup or any other reusable cup. In addition, by offering an affordable reusable alternative to consumers and offering both an ad-hoc financial benefit (i.e. first filling for free) and a long-term financial benefit (i.e. 10 cents rebate when you bring your reusable cup), the Besser Kaffeetschln project created an incentive for long-term behavioural change.





Universität Innsbruck
Dipl.-Ing. Julika Knapp
Technikerstrasse 13
6020 Innsbruck

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