Green/Blue Infrastructure for Sustainable, Attractive Cities

Funding: FFG - Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft mbH

bmvit  urbaneurope

Project partners: Technical University Lulea, Technical University Delft
Project team: Robert SITZENFREI, Michael MAIR, Jonatan ZISCHG
Project timeframe: 07/2013 – 01/2017

Short description:

The three-year international research project „Green/Blue Infrastructure for Sustainable, Attractive Cities“ was carried out in the framework of JPI Urban Europe on behalf of the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology. The focus of this project is to analyze the whole urban water infrastructure in combination with the development of methods to create a sustainable, safe and flexible infrastructure for the future. Objectives are, for example, to prevent floods or droughts, to promote biodiversity and to create an attractive living area at the same time. Thereby it was approached to transfer the water from piped systems, especially storm water, to the surface in order to accomplish a more robust, more flexible and more “attractive” water infrastructure for the future of a city. A further aspect of the research was not only to plan an ideal state of the infrastructure, but also to investigate how it can be achieved (transition from centralized to decentralized solutions).

Apart from the University of Innsbruck, also the technical University Lulea and the technical University Delft were involved in the project. The project works were performed on an “Urban Living Lab” (Kiruna/Sweden), where citizens, practitioners, decision makers and researchers collaborate on innovative solutions. A similar approach was pursued by the project partners also at national level in the form of “City-Hubs” (Zwolle/Netherlands and Innsbruck/Austria).

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Articles in scientific journals and conferences:

Bachelor thesis:

  • "Konzepte und Möglichkeiten für Entwässerungsanlagen in kalten klimatischen Bedingungen (Nordschweden)" - Thomas Pramstaller

Master thesis:

  • "Stochastic performance assessment and optimization strategies of the water supply network transition of Kiruna during city relocation" - Jonatan ZISCHG


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