Politische Kommunikation & Medien

Mitglieder des Fachbereichs


Marcelo Jenny

Günther Pallaver

Lore Hayek





  • Wahlkampf
  • Wahlplakate
  • Kandidatinnen und Kandidaten im Wahlkampf
  • Sentimentanalyse politischer Kommunikation 








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Kandidatenauswahl in Parteien:


Jenny, Marcelo (2018). Austria: tradition and innovation in legislative candidate selection. In Coller, Xavier, Cordero, Guillermo & Jaime-Castillo, Antonio M.  (Hg.), The Selection of Politicians in Times of Crisis (pp. 31-48). Abingdon: Routledge. (im Erscheinen)


Jenny, Marcelo (2018). Intra-party democracy and Internet: The Case of NEOS in Austria. In Coller, Xavier & Cordero, Guillermo (Hg.), Democratizing Candidate Selection in times of Crisis: New Methods, Old Receipts? Basingstoke: Palgrave. (im Erscheinen)



Sentimentanalyse politischer Kommunikation:

Haselmayer, Martin & Jenny, Marcelo (2017). Sentiment analysis of political communication: Combining a dictionary approach with crowdcoding. Quality & Quantity 51 (6): 2623-2646.



Rudkowsky, Elena, Haselmayer, Martin, Wastian, Matthias, Jenny, Marcelo, Emrich, Štefan & Sedlmair, Michael (2018). More than Bags of Words: Sentiment Analysis with Word Embeddings. Communication Methods and Measures : 1-18.

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