Welcome to our research platform »ORGANIZATIONS & SOCIETY«

Adopting different research perspectives is crucial to an in-depth understanding of trends and developments in contemporary organizations & society


orgsoc_sfmoma_pudel»Organizations & Society« is an interdisciplinary research platform at the University of Innsbruck encompassing a network of researchers from various fields, such as political science and sociology, business studies, education, psychology, and media studies. Together, we aim to inquire into economic and societal change and its implications for organizations and society at large.

Our researchers investigate new (sub)cultures and social movements; democracy, participation and communication in and outside of organizations; the creation and use of intellectual and social capital; organizational and political governance; risk management, and the quality of the (working) life of individuals, within organizations, and cultures.

The research platform »Organzations & Society« unites several research centers and groups at the University of Innsbruck:

  • »Accounting Theory and Research« (Faculty of Business and Management)
  • »Organization Studies« (Faculty of Business and Management) 
  • »Strategic Leadership – Branding – Innovation« (Faculty of Business and Management) 
  • »Financial Markets and Risk«  (Faculty of Business and Management) 
  • »Information Systems for Connected Work and Life « (Faculty of Business and Management)
  •  »Governance and Civil Society« (School of Political Science and Sociology)
  • »Organizational Participation and Meaning in Life« (Research Group at the Faculty of Psychology)
  • »Education, Generations, Course of Life« (Faculty of Educational Sciences)
  • »Innsbruck Media Studies«

We kindly invite you to get in contact and join our research initiative.

Andrea Hemetsberger, Martin Senn & Carina Schieder

(Academic directors & managing director)

The Research Platform