13. Juni 2019: Peers und Beers - interfaktultärer PhD-Stammtisch

Theoretical Bridge Building between Academic Fields

Guests:  Prof. Julia Brandl (HRM & Employment Relations) and Prof. Mike Geppert (University Jena)

This PuB is dedicated to the question how PhD students can engage in and benefit from theoretical bridge building between related academic fields. To this end, Mike Geppert (Professor of Strategic and International Management, University of Jena) will share his insights on bridging International Business and and Organisation Studies; Julia Brandl (Institute for Organisation & Learning) will share her experiences on the intersection of Human Resource Management and Organisation Studies.  

The PuB starts with an input on recent theoretical developments in the respective fields and continues with opportunities of theoretical bridge building for PhD students. There will be opportunities for discussing pitfalls in theoretical bridge building and strategies for mastering these. 

Date: DO, 13 June 2019
Time: 17:00
Room: SR 14, SoWi, 4th floor

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