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Aktuelle Termine

Programmvorschau 2018 

Workshop: "The Statistics of Causal Inference"
Prof. Dr. Elias Dinas (European University Institute)

Date: 02.-04. October 2018
Time: 08:30 to 16:00
Room: Seminarraum 5, SoWi

Sign-up: orgsoc@uibk.ac.at (deadline: 24/9/2018)
Participation fee: € 25,-- (fee will be refunded, after participating all three days)


Do hospitals make people healthier? Is it a problem that more people die in hospitals than in bars? Does an additional year of schooling increase future earnings? Do parties that enter the parliament enjoy vote gains in subsequent elections? The answers to these questions (and many others which affect our daily life) involve the identification and measurement of causal links: an old problem in philosophy and statistics. To address this problem we either use experiments or try to mimic them by collecting information on potential factors that may affect both treatment assignment and potential outcomes. Customary ways of doing this in the past entailed the specification of sophisticated versions of multivariate regressions. However, it is by now well understood that causality can only be dealt with during the design, not during the estimation process. The goal of this workshop is to familiarize participants with the logic of casual inference, the underlying theory behind it and introduce research methods that help us approach experimental benchmarks with observational data. Hence, this will be a much applied course, which aims at providing participants with ideas for strong research designs in their own work.

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Sabrina Gabl, Andrea Hemetsberger und Verena Wieser zur Veröffentlichung des Kapitels "Public Brand Auditing: A Pathway to Brand Accountability" in Research in Consumer Behavior 18.
Der Beitrag wurde vom Editorial Team als Outstanding Author Contribution in the 2017 Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence ausgezeichnet und damit zum erfolgreichsten Beitrag des Jahres 2016 gekürt.

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