• The Two Marias – In Search of an Unlikely Link
    In April 1792, an Austrian countess run away from her husband and child and eventually found herself living on the American frontier. Could Maria Carolina have something to do with this series of tumultuous events? And could her letters help unlock answer about one of the most interesting lives of the eighteenth century?
  • Talking Transcription: How Do We Ensure Quality?
    In ‘Talking Transcription’ we discuss the particular methodological challenges or moments of interest that arise from the early stages of this project as we work our way through the correspondence of Maria Carolina. In this first entry we discuss the standards we adhere to during the editing process of the letters of Maria Carolina.
  • Mountains without Borders – An Introduction to the Project Team
    A multinational topic calls for a multinational team.
  • Project Launched!
    In October 2018 the Changing Social Representations of Political Order project officially began.Supported by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) and based at the University of Innsbruck, the project will create a critical online edition of the letters of Maria Carolina, Queen of Naples from 1768 to 1814.
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