Surveying 1 - UE1

844.611 -0 bis - 4

Compulsory course of Bachelor's Programme Civil and Environmental Engineering

Instructor :

  • Weinold, Thomas, Dr. techn.
  • Danzberger, Christian, Dipl.-Ing., IKV

Exercise of geodetic calculations

Assessment: e-examination


Content of exercises

  1. Introduction to geodetic software
  2. rmGeo 
    • Overall idea of the software
    • Geometric calculation tools
    • Transferring measurement data to the computer
    • Evaluating measured data
    • Transferring points to surveying instruments
    • Preparation for creating a map
    • Training for the evaluation of measurement data in the summer semester
  3. Support of the parallel lecture

Zusätzlich wird wöchentlich (Montag, 17 - 18 Uhr) ein Tutorium angeboten. Dieses ersetzt nicht den Besuch der Übung sondern dient der Vertiefung der Übungsinhalte bzw. hilft bei der Erlernung des Computerprogramms. Der Besuch ist freiwillig!

Additionally there is a Tutorium every week on Monday 5 to 6 p.m.. That is not a substitude for the attendance at the exercise, it is an in-depth study of the exercise topics and a support for the state of using the software. A attendance is optional.

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