• 16.10.2020 | New article
    A recent study involving Christoph Spötl shed new light on the causes of wide-spread extinctions on Madagascar and the Mascarene islands
  • 2.10.2020 | New postdoc
    We welcome Yin Lu as new Postdoc in our institute
  • 28.9.2020 | Awards for Christoph Spötl and Gabriella Koltai
    Christoph Spötl received this year's Tiroler Landespreis für Wissenschaft and Gabriella Koltai was the recipient of the Förderpreis.
  • 24.9.2020 | Geology workshop for kids
    In a joint initiative of members of both earth science institutes school kids were given hands-on insights into the exciting world of rocks, minerals and fossils.
  • 10.9.2020 | New article
    A new lake palaeoseismology review paper
  • 8.9.2020 | New article
    A new study published in PNAS allows to trace to onset and spread of the most recent cold event in Earth history, the Younger Dryas (12,900-11,700 years ago), using a set of extremely well dated stalagmites.
  • 4.9.2020 | PhD thesis defense
    Tobias Schwestermann successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled: Event deposits archived in the geologic record of the hadal Japan Trench.
  • 10.8.2020 | New article
    A new study opens the door towards a significantly improved thermometer based on marine and terrestrial carbonates.



Climate Change: The Karst Record IX (KR9)

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