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Earthquake control of large prehistoric rockslides in the Eastern Alps

We shed new light on a long-lasting debate about the trigger mechanism of large rockslides in the Tyrolian Alps. Our state-of-the-art lake paleoseismolgy approach documents prehistoric earthquakes, larger than any of the reported historical events, that degraded the steep rock slopes towards failure.

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Organic carbon export to the hadal seafloor triggered by large earthquakes

We have integrated state-of-the-art methods to reveal drastic export of organic carbon to the hadal trench, shedding new light on the impact of large earthquakes on the deep-sea carbon cycle.

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A lake sediment perspective on time-dependent recurrence of strong earthquake shaking near plate boundaries

A worldwide review of lacustrine paleoseismology reveals contrasting recurrence patterns for strong earthquakes at plate boundaries and intra-plate settings.




We discussed great Science during our Group Retreat 2024

Wel­come Laura

We welcome Laura Schley as new PhD student in our research group

Con­grat­u­la­tion Markus

Markus Niederstätter completed his MSc study with a thesis entitled: Limnogeological investigations of the Montiggler Seen reveal paleoseismic evidence for surface rupturing earthquake in South Tyrol 

New Nature Com­mu­ni­ca­tions Paper

This first scientific results from IODP Expeditoin 386, co-lead by Michi Strasser, document earthquake-enhanced dissolved carbon
cycles in ultra-deep ocean sediments

Arne Ramisch intro­duces him­self

A new short video about Arne, the Austrian Core Facility and Core Logging Science Applications

Wel­come Mishelle as new PhD Stu­dent

We welcome Mishelle Muthre as new PhD student in our research group

Wel­come Katleen as new Post Doc

We welcome Katleen Wils as new Post Doc in our research group

A doc­u­men­tary movie about the Wal­ter Munk Lake Altausee Pro­ject

See our contribution to the interdisciplinary Altauseer See Expedition by the Walter Funk Foundation in the newly released documentary movie

Best The­sis Awards for Anja and Patrick

Congratulaion to Anja Grießer and Patrick Oswald for winning the 2023 Best Master and PhD Thesis Award from the Facutly Geo- and Atmospheric Sciences at University of Innsbruck

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