Diethard Sanders

Diethard Sanders

Associate Professor 

Personal info and publications

phone: +43 512 507-54206
fax: +43 512 507-54399


Jasper Moernaut

Assistant Professor

Personal info and publications

phone: +43 512 507-54372 
fax: +43 512 507-54399

Arne Ramisch

Senior Scientist

Personal info and publications

phone: +43 512 507-54331

Hannah Braun
Hannah Braun

Lab technician

phone: +43 512 507-54223
fax: +43 512 507-54399


Charlotte Pizer

Subduction Zone Paleoseismology  (FWF-QuakeCycle Japan).

phone: +43 512 507 54202

Katleen Wils

Lacustrine Paleoseismology  (FWF-QuakeSceneChile).

phone: +43 512 507 54269

PhD Students & Scientific Assistants

Christoph Daxer

Supervisor: Jasper Moernaut
Co-Supervisor: Michael Strasser

Quantitative lacustrine paleoseismology in Carinthia, Austria: improving the Environmental Seismic Intensity Scale and assessing strong earthquake recurrence in formerly-glaciated intraplate settings (FWF Project: QUAKE-LAKE Carinthia)

phone: +43 512 507-54398   

Dominik Jaeger
Dominik Jaeger

Supervisor: Roland Stalder (Inst. of Petrography and Mineralogy)
Co-Supervisor: Michael Strasser

Quartz as a monitor for sedimentary processes (FWF-project P-33038: Quartz-Monitor)


Jana Molenaar

Ariana Molenaar

Supervisor: Jasper Moernaut
Co-Supervisor: Michael Strasser

Assessing seismic intensity using lacustrine sediments: improving the Environmental Seismic Intensity (ESI) scale  (FWF Project: QUAKE-LAKE Carinthia

phone: +43 512 507 54232

Valentina Moreno Allende

Supervisor: Jasper Moernaut
Co-Supervisor: Arne Ramisch

Linking sedimentary evidence of earthquake shaking and marine inundations in lakes on Chiloé Island (South-Central Chile)  (FWF project QuakeScene Chile)

Mishelle Muthre

Supervisor: Michael Strasser
Co-Supervisor: tbd

Oceanic Trench Sedimentology & Subduction Zone Paleoseismology (FWF - QuakeCycle Japan)

Marcel Ortler

Marcel-Luciano Ortler

Supervisor: Michael Strasser
Co-Supervisors: Jasper Moernaut, Tobias Hell

Causes and consequences of extreme geological perturbation events in the upper Traun catchment area (Salzkammergut) (ÖAW Project S4LIDE – Hallstatt and TWF Project4D-Event Stratigraphy Lake Hallstatt ) (ÖAW-DOC-Fellowship)

phone: +43 512 507-54395
fax: +43 512 507-54399


Laura Schley

Supervisor: Arne Ramisch
co-Supervisor: Michael Strasser


Affiliated and visiting PhD Students

gerald degenhart
Gerald Degenhart

Supervisor: Michael Strasser
Co-Supervisors: Peter Tropper (Institut für Mineralogie)

X-ray Computed Tomography in Earth Science


Sarah Mosser

visiting PhD student from the Freie Universität Berlin

personal website

Master Students

Judith Barth

Supervisor: Michael Strasser, Clemens Geitner (Institut für Geographie), Martin Rutzinger (Institut für Geographie)

Untersuchung der Morphodynamik im Krummgampental mittels hochauflösender multi-temporaler Fernerkundungsdaten.

Thomas Berberich

Supervisor: Michael Strasser

Seismic, sediment-core and bathymetric analysis of the sedimentary infill of Lake Hallstatt, Upper Austria (Facealps Project)

Co-Supervisor: Kerstin Kowarik (Naturhistorisches Museum Wien)

Stephanie Benischke

Supervisor:  Jasper Moernaut, Michael Meyer

Reconstructing Holocene lake level changes at Lago Llanquihue (South-Central Chile) based on field mapping and lacustrine sediment core analysis

Phillip Rotter

Supervisor: Jasper Moernaut

Geoelectrical investigation on rockslide deposits (Tyrol)

Hannah Rössl

Supervisor: Michael Strasser, Jasper Moernaut

Limno(hydro)geologische Untersuchungen im Hintersteinersee

in Zusammenarbeit mit Martin Schletter (TIWAG)

Björn Schrader

Supervisor:  Jasper Moernaut, Arne Ramisch

Reconstructing the Holocene debris flow activity at Achensee based on semi-automated classification of lake cores

Lukas Loacker

Supervisor: Michael Strasser

Central Japan Trench Event Stratigraphy (Within the context of IODP Expedition 386)

Julia Rechenmacher

Supervisors: Jasper Moernaut, Erwin Heine (BOKU)

Limnogeology of  Lake Altausee (Salzkammergut, Austria)

Within Altauseer See 3D Project by  Walter Munk Foundation of the Oceans (WMFO), California, USA through cooperation with University of Natural Resources and Life Science (BOKU) Vienna, Austria (2020-2022)

Patricia Sonnemann

Supervisor: Michael Strasser,

Juliane Müller (AWI Bremerhaven)

Sea Ice Reconstruction west off Cape Darnley using Biomarker IPSO25

in collaboration with Alfred-Wegener Institut Bremerhaven

Former Group Members

Former Staff

karl krainer
a.O. Univ.-Prof. i.R. Karl Krainer

Personal info and publications

Rainer Brandner
Univ.-Prof. i.R. Dr. Rainer Brandner

Former post docs

Pauline Cornard

Dr. Pauline Cornard

Deepwater sediment gravity flow processes  (FWF Lise Meitner - Flow-Dynamic-Fan Project) moved to MARUM, University of Bremen, as post doc

Walter Menapace
Dr. Walter Menapace

Gulf of Cadiz paleoseismology (FWF Lise Meitner), moved to Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC), Barcelona, as MSCA Postdoc (H2020)

Yin Lu

Dr. Yin Lu

Lacustrine Paleoseismology  (FWF-DeadSeaQuakeRe-Project), moved to Tongji University, Shanghai, China

Steven Jyh-Jaan Huang

Dr. Jyh-Jaan 'Steven' Huang

Postdoc 2017-2020 on the Austrian Core Facility. Now Assistant Professor at the Institute of Oceanography, National Taiwan University.

Arata Kioka
Dr. Arata Kioka

Postdoc 2016-2019 on the FWF Project EAGER-Japan, moved to Kyushu University, Japan, as Assistant Professor

Former PhD students

andrea franco
Dr. Andrea Franco

Wave formation, propagation and run-up in natural mountain lakes from a cascade hazards perspective – analyses and modelling of triggering processes, lakes' morpho-dynamics and potential downstream hazard effects. (supervised by Bernhard Gems (Wasserbau))

Patrick Oswald
Dr. Patrick Oswald

Finished PhD on 21.01.2022 
Studying the sediment archive of Tyrolian lakes to reconstruct and quantify the regions' paleoseismological history (Interreg Project Armonia, ÖAW Project S4LIDE-Austria and TWF Projects Tyrol on Shaky Slopes and GEO-STATE-Tyrol). Moved to Geo.zt - beratende geologen

Maddalena Sammartini
Dr. Maddalena Sammartini

Finished PhD on 22.11.2021
Studying submarine landslides and their impact on European continental margins (in collaboration with EuropeanEuropean Training Network SLATE ). Moved to new position as Geophysicist at RINA (Milano office)

tobias schwestermann

Dr. Tobias Schwestermann

PhD student 2016-2020 on the FWF Project EAGER-Japan, moved to BTG Büro für Technische Geologie in Sargans, Switzerland

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