Innsbruck Tectonics Research Group


Wie sind die Dolomiten entstanden?

Wie verformen sich die Dolomiten noch immer und was sagen die Gesteine über künftige Erdbeben aus?

Geolog:innen um Hannah Pomella vom Institut für Geologie der Universität Innsbruck beschäftigen sich in einem breit angelegten Forschungsprojekt mit diesen Fragestellungen.

Inter­view with Anna Sieberer for the pod­cast Green­horn Science

Felix Pik from the podcast Greenhornscience interviewed Anna-Katharina Sieberer about our Dolomites project.

New Paper pub­lished in Inter­na­tional Jour­nal of Earth Sciences

Hugo Ortner and Sinah Kilian published a new paper presenting a revised tectonic subdivision of the western Northern Calcareous Alps.

New Paper pub­lished in Jour­nal of Struc­tural Geol­ogy

Sinah Killian and Hugo Ortner published a study about buckle folding in the Northern Calcareous Alps. They present results from field observations and numeric experiments.

Ana­logue mod­el­ling in Utrecht Univer­si­ty's TecLab

As part of her PhD project, Anna-Katharina Sieberer studies large-scale crustal to lithospheric deformation processes of the Dolomites Indenter in the Tectonic Modelling laboratory ("TecLab") at Utrecht University.

Field­work in the Dolomites

Thomas Klotz and Anna Sieberer on one of their sample and data collecting missions in the eastern Southern Alps, aiming to reveal the thermo-tectonic evolution of the Dolomites Indenter in high resolution.

New Paper pub­lished in Inter­na­tional Jour­nal of Earth Sciences

Kathrin Faßmer published a study about rapid subduction and exhumation of an ultra-high-pressure unit in the Caledonides of Northern Norway (Tromsø).

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