Ana­logue mod­el­ling in Utrecht Univer­si­ty's TecLab

As part of her PhD project, Anna-Katharina Sieberer studies large-scale crustal to lithospheric deformation processes of the Dolomites Indenter in the Tectonic Modelling laboratory ("TecLab") at Utrecht University.

Is the Dolomites Indenter as rigid as assumed? Physical analogue modelling experiments, often simply referred to as sandbox models, will in our case help to unterstand the deeper structure of the northernmost part of the Adriatic microplate. The physically realistic, scaled-down models of the natural prototype basically consist of layers of different types of sands or silicon simulating layers of different types of rocks with different mechanical properties and composition. The physical analogue experiments were performed at the Tectonic Modelling laboratory (TecLab) at Utrecht University, Netherlands. 

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