Research Units

The research platform eeecon focuses on research in the fields of empirical and experimental economics, both of equal importance.

eeecon researchers are dealing with a broad range on economic topics, such as:

  • trade
  • economic integration
  • experimental economics
  • empirical economics 
  • risk management
  • statistics
  • econometrics
  • inance
  • macroeconomics
  • environmental economics

The research platform was founded in 2010 including the research centers of the University of Innsbruck:

members are affiliated with the following departments of the University  of Innsbruck:

The main objective of eeecon is to deepen the cooperation between the involved departments, leading to interdisciplinary research projects and co-authorships. The own working paper series allows eeecon members to publish their current research projects and make available to a broad company.

Last, regularly hold workshops with participation of international speakers represent the high quality standard of the research work.

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