Lunch-time meetings in applied econometrics

The lunch-time meetings provide a monthly forum to discuss both current research problems/findings and interesting papers with our colleagues. Talks and discussions can cover all topics involving data work. Preparation should not involve too much effort such that gains in terms of helpful discussions and critical feedback prevail.

Generally, the meetings take place on Tuesdays over lunchtime (12-13.30).

For contributions please contact Julia Spornberger or Michael Pfaffermayr


Seminar program winter term 2019/20

Date Room Presenter Title
Bespr.zimmer Fiwi Daniel Gründler
Large Scale Asset Purchases and Information Shocks in the U.S.
19.11.19 Bespr.zimmer Fiwi Alexis H. Villacis Does the Use of Specialty Varieties and Post-Harvest Practices Benefit Farmers? Cocoa Value Chains in Ecuador
03.12.19 Bespr.zimmer Fiwi Fanny Dellinger The welfare-magnet-hypothesis revisited. A natural experiment.
Bespr.zimmer Fiwi
Andrea Leiter-Scheiring
Valuation of hospize services
Bespr.zimmer Fiwi
Lorenz Fischer
Cost of mobility and regional unemployment: Evidence from Austrian labor market districts


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