Frau Hitt und die 19 Fragen

On the occasion of the 350th anniversary of the University of Innsbruck, the installation Frau Hitt und die 19 Fragen can be seen at the 7 stops of the IVB between the Landesmuseum and Höttinger Au|West between 12 April and 25 October 2019. The bus stops, which are designed by different disciplines and research areas, invite to exciting thought experiments.

Andreas Exenberger, Felix Holzmeister, Rudolf Kerschbamer, Gottfried Tappeiner, Janette Walde and Achim Zeileis have designed the bus stop of the Faculty of Economics and Statistics. It can be found at the bus stop "Museumsstraße". From the side, the station looks like a staircase, which illustrates the increase in value. On the voyage of discovery, the station invites visitors to take part and relax.



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