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Recent Working Papers

R. Kerschbamer, R. Oexl. "The effect of random shocks on reciprocal behavior in dynamic principal-agent settings". 2021 -27 [Online-Version]
E. G. Dutcher, R. Oexl, Dmitry Ryvkin, Tim Salmon. "Competitive versus cooperative incentives in team production with heterogeneous agents". 2021 -26 [Online-Version]
R. Oexl, A. Gantner. "Respecting Entitlements in Legislative Bargaining – A Matter of Preference or Necessity?". 2021 -25 [Online-Version]
S. Angerer, E. G. Dutcher, D. Glätzle-Rützler, F. Lergetporer, M. Sutter. "The formation of risk preferences through small-scale events". 2021 -24 [Online-Version]
S. Srhoj, D. Kovač, J. N. Shapiro, R. K. Filer. "The Impact of Delay: Evidence from Formal Out-of-Court Restructuring". 2021 -23 [Online-Version]

Recent Publications

M. Geiger, M. Zachariadis, 2021. "Consumers' Updating, Policy Shocks, and Public Debt: An Empirical Assessment of State Dependencies". Macroeconomic Dynamics. [Paper]

M. Breitenlechner, M. Geiger, J. Scharler, 2021. "Bank Liquidity and the Propagation of Uncertainty in the U.S." Finance Research Letter. [forthcoming]

E. Blanco, A. Baier, F. Holzmeister, T. Jaber-Lopez, N. Struwe, 2021. "Long term effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on social concerns." Frontiers in Psychology. [forthcoming]

S. Angerer, D. Glätzle-Rützler, P. Lergetporer, M. Sutter, 2021. "The effects of language on patience: An experimental replication study of the linguistic-savings hypothesis in Austria." Journal of the Economic Science Association. [Paper]

D. Glätzle-Rützler, P. Lergetporer, M. Sutter, 2021. "Collective intertemporal decisions and heterogeneity in groups." Games and Economic Behavior. [Paper]

R. Tutzer, S. Röck, J. Walde, B. Zeiringer, G. Unfer, S. Führer, B. Brinkmeier, J. Haug, M. Aufleger, 2021. "Ethohydraulic experiments on the fish protection potential of the hybrid system FishProtector at hydropower plants." Ecological Engineering. [Paper]

S. Srhoj, B. Škrinjarić, S. Radas, J. Walde, 2021. "Small matching grants for women entrepreneurs: lessons from the past recession." Small Business Economics. [Paper]

L. Balafoutas, A. García-Gallego, N. Georgantzis, T. Jaber-Lopez, E. Mitrokostas, 2021. "Psychopathy and economic behavior among prison inmates: An experiment." Frontiers in Psychology. [forthcoming]

L. Balafoutas, F. Sandakov, T. Zhuravleva, 2021. "No moral wiggle room in an experimental corruption game." Frontiers in Psychology. [Paper]

G. Moonga, S. Böse-O'Reilly, U. Berger, K. Harttgen, C. Michelo, D. Nowak, U. Siebert, J. Yabe, J. Seiler, 2021. "Modelling chronic malnutrition in Zambia: A Bayesian distributional regression approach." PLOS ONE. [Paper]

A. Steinmayr, M. Huber, 2021. "A Framework for Separating Individual-Level Treatment Effects From Spillover Effects." Journal of Business and Economic Statistics. [Paper]



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