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Recent Working Papers

Z. Bašić, P. C. Bindra, D. Glätzle-Rützler, A. Romano, M. Sutter,  C. Zoller. "The roots of cooperation ". 2021 -18 [Online-Version]
S. Angerer, J. Bolvashenkova, D. Glätzle-Rützler, P. Lergetporer, M. Sutter. "Children’s patience and school-track choices several years later: Linking experimental and field data". 2021 -17 [Online-Version]
D. Gründler, E. Mayer, J. Scharler, 2021. "Monetary Policy Announcements, Information Schocks, and Exchange Rate Dynamics".  2021-16 [Online-Version]
S. Bachler, F. Holzmeister, M. Razen, M. Stefan, 2021. "The Impact of Presentation Format and Choice Architecture on Portfolio Allocations: Experimental Evidence". 2021-15 [Online-Version]
J. Christoffersen, F. Holzmeister, T. Plenborg, 2021. "What is Risk to Managers?". 2021-14 [Online-Version]
S. Angerer, D. Glätzle-Rützler, C. Waibel, 2021. "Trust in health care credence goods: Experimental evidence on framing and subject pool effects". 2021-13 [Online-Version]

Recent Publications

Blanco, E., Struwe, N., Walker, J.M., 2021. "Experimental evidence on sharing rules and additionality in transfer payments". Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. [forthcoming]

Breitenlechner, Maximilian; Scharler, Johann, 2021. "Monetary Policy Announcements and Bank Lending: Do Banks' Refinancing Markets Matter?" Economic Modelling. [forthcoming]

Bindra, C., Kerschbamer, R., Neururer, D., Sutter, M., 2021. "On the Value of Second Opinions: A Credence Goods Field Experiment". Economics Letters. [forthcoming]

Hedegaard, M., KerschbamerR., Mueller, D., Tyran, J.-R., 2021. "Distributional Preferences Explain Behavior across Games and Time". Games and Economic Behavior. [forthcoming]

A.M. Leiter, E. Theurl, 2021. "Determinants of Prepaid Systems of Healthcare Financing: A Worldwide Country-level Perspective". International Journal of Health Economics and Management. [forthcoming]

M. Siller, T. Schatzer, J. Walde, G. Tappeiner, 2021. "What drives total factor productivity growth? An examination of spillover effects. Regional Studies". Regional Studies. [Paper]

F. Klijn, C. Kah, M. Walzl, 2021. "Almost Mutually Best in Matching Markets: Rank Gaps and Size of the Core". Social Choice and Welfare. [forthcoming]

K. Momsen, 2021. "Recommendations in credence goods markets with horizontal product differentiation". Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. [Paper]

A. Exenberger, S. Neuner, J. Nussbaumer, 2020. "Globo Eine neue Welt mit 100 Menschen". Studia Verlag Innsbruck

M. Pfaffermayr, 2020. "Trade Creation and Trade Diversion of Economic Integration Agreements Revisited: A Constrained Panel Pseudo-Maximum Likelihood Approach". Review of World Economics. [Paper]

J. ScharlerM. Leibrecht, 2020. "Trust Dynamics after Financial Distress: Evidence from Euro Member Countries". Applied Economics Letters. [forthcoming]

C. Huber, J. Huber, 2020. "Bad bankers no more? Truth-telling and (dis)honesty in the finance industry". Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. [Paper]

A. García-Gallego, N. Georgantzis, T. Jaber-López, G. Michailidou, 2020. "Audience effects and other-regarding preferences against corruption: Experimental evidence". Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. [Paper]

M. Kirchler, F. Lindner, U. Weitzel, 2020. "Delegated investment decisions and rankings". Journal of Banking and Finance[Paper]

M. Breitenlechner, G. P. Mathy, J. Scharler 2020. "Decomposing the U.S. Great Depression: How important were loan supply shocks?". Explorations in Economic History[Paper]


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