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Recent Working Papers

M. Gächter, M. Geiger, E. Hasler. "On the structural determinants of growth-at-risk". 2022-06 [Online-Version] K. Momsen, S. Schneider. "Motivated Reasoning, Information Avoidance, and Default Bias". 2022-05 [Online-Version] S. Angerer, D. Glätzle-Rützler, P. Lergetporer, T. Rittmannsberger. "How does the vaccine approval procedure affect COVID-19 vaccination intentions?". 2022-04 [Online-Version]
R. Böhm, C. Betsch, Y. Litovsky, P. Sprengholz, N. T. Brewer, G. Chapman, J. Leask, G. Loewenstein, M. Scherzer, C. R. Sunstein, M. Kirchler. "Crowdsourcing interventions to promote uptake of COVID-19 booster vaccines". 2022-03 [Online-Version] M. Stefan, M. Holmén, F. Holzmeister, M. Kirchler, E. Wengström. "You can’t always get what you want—An experiment on finance professionals’ decisions for others". 2022-02 [Online-Version]

Recent Publications

I. Guenther, K. Harttgen, J. Seiler, J. Utzinger. "An index of access to essential infrastructure to identify where physical distancing is impossible". Nature Communications. [forthcoming]

A. Baier, L. Balafoutas, T. Jaber-Lopez. "Ostracism and theft in heterogeneous groups". Experimental Economics. [forthcoming]

D. Scott, N. L. B. Knowles, S. Ma, S., M. Rutty, R. Steiger. "Climate change and the future of the Olympic Winter Games: athlete and coach perspectives". Current Issues in Tourism. [Paper]

S. Butschek, J. Sauermann. "The effect of employment protection on firms' worker selection". Journal of Human Resources. [forthcoming]

D. Morgenstern, I. Stucke, T. Simon, G. J. Mayr, A. Zeileis. "Differentiating lightning in winter and summer with characteristics of the wind field and mass field". Weather and Climate Dynamics. [Paper]

L. Balafoutas, K. Henning, B. Vollan. "Religious worship and discrimination". Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. [Paper]

A. Gill, M. Heinz, H. Schumacher, M. Sutter. "Social Preferences of Young Professionals and the Financial Industry". Management Science. [forthcoming]

C. Steigenberger, M., Flatscher-Thoeni, U. Siebert, A. M. Leiter. "Determinants of willingness to pay for health services: a systematic review of contingent valuation studies". The European Journal of Health Economics. [Paper]

S. Butschek. "Raising the bar: minimum wages and employers’ hiring standards". American Economic Journal. [Paper]

K. Protoppapas. "Optimal lobbying pricing". Social Choice and Welfare. [Paper]

K. Momsen, M. Ohndorf. "Information avoidance, selective exposure, and fake (?) news: Theory and experimental evidence on green consumption". Journal of Economic Psychology. [Paper]

I. Kesternich, Schumacher, H., B. Siflinger, S., Schwarz, S. "Money or Meaning? Labor Supply Responses to Work Meaning of Employed and Unemployed Individuals". European Economic Review. [Paper]

J. Seiler, K. Harttgen, T. Kneib, T., S. Lang. "Modelling children's anthropometric status using Bayesian distributional regression merging socio-economic and remote sensed data from South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa". Economics & Human Biology. [Paper]

S. Butschek, R. González Amor, P. Kampkötter, P., D. Sliwka. "Motivating Gig Workers - Evidence from a Field Experiment". Labour Economics. [Paper]

O. Fernández-Amador, D. A. Oberdabernig, D. A., P. Tomberger. "Do methane emissions converge? Evidence from global panel data on production- and consumption-based emissions." [Paper]

C. Strobl, J. Kopf, L. Kohler, T. von Oertzen, A. Zeileis. "Anchor Point Selection: Scale Alignment Based on an Inequality Criterion". Applied Psychological Measurement. [Paper]

H. Schumacher, H. C. Thysen. "Equilibrium Contracts and Boundedly Rational Expectations". Theoretical Economics. [Paper]

A. Farago, M. Holmén, F. Holzmeister, M., Kirchler, M., Razen. "Cognitive skills and economic preferences in the fund industry". Economic Journal. [Paper]


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