Tomohiro Tachi: Computational Origami Design

Die Unit koge lädt im Rahmen des Symposiums Gathering Origami 2017 am Mittwoch, 29. März 2017 zum Gastvortrag eines Vertreters der Weltspitze des Computational Origami.

Tomohiro Tachi zählt zu den einflussreichsten Wissenschaftlern im Bereich des multidisziplinären Forschungsbereichs "Computational Origami". In seinem Vortrag "Computational Origami Design" wird er computergestützte Methoden in Theorie und Praxis erläutern, mit denen man dreidimensionale und kinematische Origami inspirierte Strukturen erzeugen kann und darstellen, wie diese fächerübergreifend verbindend wirken können. 

Tomohiro Tachi is an assistant professor in graphic and computer sciences at the University of Tokyo. He studied architecture and received his PhD degree in engineering from the University of Tokyo. He has been designing origami from 2002 and keeps exploring three-dimensional and kinematic origami through computation. He developed origami software tools including "Rigid Origami Simulator", "Origamizer", and "Freeform Origami", which are available from his website. His research interests include origami, structural morphology, computational design, and fabrication.

He writes about his work: "Paper is a material that can neither stretch nor shrink, but can easily bend or fold. The behavior of paper is governed by “folding.” The geometric pattern of origami is self-organized when a sheet material breaks. The interactions between panels and folds exhibit stiffness and strength, which can lead to structures at the architectural scale. Different folding patterns can yield flexible structures that can compactly fold, leading to deployable structures in space or transformable robots. The concept of "origami" is now being researched through a collaboration between various fields, including mathematics, engineering, biology, design, art, and education. Computational Origami, i.e., the geometry and algorithm of origami, plays an important role in bridging these diverse fields. In this talk, I present the theoretical and practical aspects of computational designs of 3D and kinematic origami that leads spatial and temporal structures."

Wann: 29.03.2017, 19:00 Uhr
Wo: in den Räumlichkeiten von koge, Technikerstraße 21c, UG.
Unterstützt von: Vizerektorat für Forschung, Fakultät für Architektur, unit Geometry and Cad


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