In research and teaching, business education deals with questions of the transformation of professional knowledge and skills to the next generation and with the organizational and systemic conditions that enable or prevent this transformation. In this context, transformation always means the emergence of the new.

The focus is on the subject that is formed against this background. In essence, it is about processes and conditions of an employment-oriented individual competence development.

In Austria, this takes place in full-time vocational schools. Here we focus on commercial teaching and school management at commercial schools, commercial academies and human vocational middle and high schools. On the other hand, employment-oriented competence development takes place in the context of dual vocational training and, last but not least, throughout working life in the form of work-related formal, non-formal and informal teaching and learning processes.

Here, there is a particular proximity to personnel development as a subarea of human resource management. Questions of in-company training, career development, work structuring and organizational development are dealt with from a business education perspective that is more strongly related to the individual and his or her training processes, and from a personnel management perspective that is more strongly focused on economics and organizational theory. In this respect, there is a high affinity between business education and human resource development.

Research Network

  • InnVET  - Innovation Cluster Vocational Education Research

Research Projects

  • Current projects
    • BoSa - Vocational orientation between school and work
    • RecoVET - Recognition of good vocational training practice for people with refugee experience
    • FIBB - Professional innovation in vocational education and training
    • Zukunft LOK - Development of future models for digital learning location cooperation in vocational training
    • LERNweiter - Promoting learning competencies in continuing vocational education and training


Research Output

In the The Research Documentation Database of the University of Innsbruck (FLD) you will find an overview of research projects, publications and other scientific achievements.

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