The Research Documentation Database of the University of Innsbruck

Die The Research Documentation Database (RDD) is a university-wide database that documents all research activities of the University of Innsbruck. It functions as the basis for the reporting system that is required following the Austrian Universities Act 2002 , e.g. for the annual knowledge balance sheet of the university and academic target and performance agreements. It also serves as a database for rankings, as a quantitative basis for quality management provisions or the evaluation of the University’s system of prioritized research fields. The database encompasses research activities since 2003, whereby the registering of earlier activities is not mandatory, though it is possible due to documentation needs of some departments.

Internet Portal

The internet portal is thought to give the general public as well as partners in business and research the possibility, to inform themselves about the broad spectrum of research activities of the University. The internet portal lists publications and lectures of employees of the University of Innsbruck. The search function allows for a confinement of the search to institutes, Research Areas, Platforms and Fields of Research as well as specific authors or lecturers (the name is to be entered according to the following pattern “Surname, Given Name”), keywords in the title field and Year.

By clicking on the notepad icon in front of each record in the list of results, the details of the particular record can be retrieved.


 Publications in the Knowledge Balance Sheet

According to the Austrian Knowledge Balance Sheet Ordinance (WBV 2010) all scientific and artistic publications of university employees recorded in performance figure 3.1 have to be made accessible via a public portal. This portal can be accessed by clicking the START-button below. 



Please be advised that the RDD includes only research activities that are attributed to the University of Innsbruck according to the ordinance defining the structure of the universities’ knowledge balance sheets. The RDD therefore does not allow for inferences about the researchers’ complete research activities. The data in the RDD serve only to inform the public and may be used for study, research and teaching purposes. All other use is prohibited.

If you have any questions, please contact the Research Information Unit using the following e-mail address:

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