University of Innsbruck

Lunch-Time Meetings in Applied Econometrics

The lunch-time meetings provide a monthly forum to discuss both current research problems/findings and interesting papers with our colleagues. Talks and discussions can cover all topics involving data work. Preparation should not involve too much effort such that gains in terms of helpful discussions and critical feedback prevail.

Generally, the meetings take place on Tuesdays over lunchtime (12-13).

For contributions please contact Sebastian Kupek or Michael Pfaffermayr

Seminar Program Winter Term 2023/24

17.10.1013SR 15Irma Bejdic
21.11.2023onlineJohanna IsmanAudit leniency and participation in voluntary forest certification
28.11.2023SR 15Katharina Pöll

Seminar Program Summer Term 2023

18.04.2023SR 14Valentin WettLocal Labor Market Conditions and Refugees' Integration
16.05.2023SR 14Marcel SeifertFinancial return and environmental impact information promote ESG investments: Evidence from a large, incentivized online experiment
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