University of Innsbruck

Faculty Research Seminar

Seminar program sommer term 2023


Thursdays 11:30-12:45

09.03.2023SR 1Andrea WeberSelection and careers of migrants between Austria and Germany: Evidence from linked register dataHeiner Schumacher
16.03.2023SR 1Tibor NeugebauerDoes Wash Trading Impact Information Dissemination in Security Markets?Michael Kirchler
23.03.2023SR 1Christina FelfeOn the Formation of Ingroup Bias: The Role of Peer Composition and Cultural DistanceElisabeth Gsottbauer
20.04.2023SR 1Christoph AlbertThe Trade-Creating Effect of Immigrants: Evidence from Detailed Consumption DataAndreas Steinmayr
04.05.2023SR 1Brigitte HochmuthFinancial Constraints, Firm Age, and the Labor MarketMax Breitenlechner
11.05.2023SR 1Elena Ashtari TaftiMarica Valente
01.06.2023SR 1Glenn DutcherSubjective expectations and uncertainty: Why do doctors accept some deceased donor kidneys and not others?Daniela Glätzle-Rützler
15.06.2023SR 1Lorenz GötteRaphael Epperson
22.06.2023SR 1Ala AvoyanA Road to Efficiency Through Communication and CommitmentNatalie Struwe
29.06.2023SR 1Caroline TheoharidesBehavioral Responses to Temporary Migration: An Examination of Origin-Country FertilityAndreas Steinmayr