From left: Dean Markus Walzl, Daniel Mayr, Student-of-the-Year 2023, Daniel Hechl from UniCredit Bank Austria and Dean Annette Ostendorf

Stu­dent-of-the-Year 2023

Daniel Mayr from South Tyrol has been awarded Student-of-the-Year 2023 at the faculties of Economics and Statistics as well as Business and Management  at the University of Innsbruck. The award "Student-of-the-Year in Management and Economics" is connected with a prize money of 1,500 euros, which was donated by the Bank Austria Förderstiftung.

"I am looking for opportunities to improve things substantially for as many people as possible," says Daniel Mayr from Ratschings in South Tyrol, describing his motivation. Mayr has been studying mechatronics at the University of Innsbruck and UMIT Tyrol since 2018. Alongside this, he began studying international economics in 2020. "In order to make it easier to realize my ideas, I decided to study econimics in addition to technology," says Daniel Mayr. He completed the first stage of his studies in International Economics and Business Studies with an excellent outcome. Moreover, he is going to finish his master's degree in mechatronics this semester and go to Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, for a year abroad in the fall.

In addition to his education at the University of Innsbruck, Daniel Mayr is also active as an entrepreneur. He developed the app WippNet for the FUN leisure card of the Sterzing region. In the near future, he plans to found a company with partners to market the app. Daniel Mayr has also gained professional experience as a research assistant at UMIT and as an intern at the CERN nuclear research center in Geneva, where he is writing his master's thesis in mechatronics. Mayr is also active in the Club Alpbach Südtirol Alto Adige and has also been a local councilor of Ratschings for the past two years.

The award winners were chosen by the Board of Trustees of the Bank Austria Förderstiftung, which includes Dieter Hengl, Member of the Management Board for Corporates at UniCredit Bank Austria. "We are proud that we have been supporting Tyrolean students with this award for so many years now as part of our social commitment," says Hengl. "From our point of view, the award combines regionality and internationality in an excellent way and thus also reflects our self-image as a successful pan-European commercial bank," says Hengl.


Every year, students of the Bachelor's programs in Management and Economics and International Economic an Business Studies at the University of Innsbruck can apply for the "Student-of-the-Year in Management and Economics". In addition to excellent academic performance, the students' social commitment is also a prerequisite for this award. This year, Clara Holthuisen, Theresa Steinbacher and Johann Flöck were honored with recognition awards of 500 euros each.

"For me, social commitment is also a very important criterion, which is an important part of our corporate culture in addition to our international orientation and strong regional roots. We also set these priorities in Tyrol and this award for Tyrolean students shows this perfectly well," says Daniel Hechl, Deputy Director for Corporate Customers Tyrol at UniCredit Bank Austria.

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