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Book Rec­om­men­da­tion: Der men­schliche Fak­tor

For the second edition of his successful book, Matthias Sutter has added five new chapters on current topics. How can managers make meetings more productive? Are we losing our creativity through the many video conferences in home office? Does it matter, for example, for one's own work performance how high someone estimates the manager's salary? How do work norms change when workers are paid for things they take for granted - like attendance? Lastly, the behavioral economist has included a chapter in the new edition with the provocative statement "Smoking helps your career (but certainly not your health)."

In professional life, it is crucial to be able to "get along" with other people and to know their typical behavior patterns. This applies at all hierarchical levels and in all areas of cooperation and is the basis for personal and corporate success.
This book presents current behavioral economic findings to better understand the "human factor" in professional life and to enable successful cooperation. It provides a comprehensive perspective on the "big picture" by analyzing what makes people "tick," how they respond to incentives (monetary or non-monetary), and what that means for working together - or against each other - at work.
Modern behavioral economics research is better suited than any other research discipline to investigate these questions and provide answers. Author Matthias Stutter, one of Germany's most influential economists according to the FAZ ranking, has been conducting research in the field of behavioral economics for 20 years and takes you on a journey to find out which factors are important for professional success, from career entry to a management position.

Information on the book:

Der menschliche Faktor oder worauf es im Berufsleben ankommt: 50 verhaltensökonomische Erkenntnisse
Matthias Sutter
2., updated and extended edition
ISBN 978-3446473133
288 pages
2023, Carl Hanser Verlag
Price: 30,90 Euro

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