Faculty Members

Department of Philosophy

Andreas Oberprantacher is Professor at the Department of Philosophy and Faculty Member of the UNESCO Chair for Peace Studies. He completed his habilitation in 2015 with a research project on the figure of the “illegal” as a paradigmatic phenomenon of contemporary rightlessness and the global transformation and flexibilization of border regimes in this respect. In the same year, he was Visiting Professor at the University of New Orleans, United States, and in 2018 he was Visiting Professor at the University of Trento, Italy. From 2013 to 2018, he acted as Secretary General of the Austrian Society for Philosophy (ÖGP). Currently he serves as spokesman for the Innsbruck Doctoral College “Dynamics of Inequality and Difference in the Age of Globalization”.

Tel: +43 512 507-70111
Email: Andreas.Oberprantacher@uibk.ac.at
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Department of History and European Ethnology

Silke Meyer is Professor of European Ethnology and works in the fields of economic anthropology, migration, and narratology. She serves as deputy spokeswoman for the Innsbruck Doctoral College “Dynamics of Inequality and Difference in the Age of Globalization” since 2018 and is deputy coordinator of the Research Center “Migration and Globalization”. In Spring 2019, she is a Senior Fellow at the University of Zürich for the Laboratory of Popular Cultures. Her recent publications include a monograph and number of articles on debt economies and narrative strategies of dealing with economic inequality in neoliberal society as well as on transnationalism and social inclusion.  She also heads a FWF stand-alone project on remittances as a transnational social practice of migrant participation in both their place of origin and place of residence.

Tel: +43 512 507-4440
Email: Silke.Meyer@uibk.ac.at
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Department of Geography

Tabea Bork-Hüffer is Professor of Human Geography. Her research focuses on the interlinkages of the politics of space, digitization, multiscalar migrations and socio-cultural changes with a regional focus on China, Southeast Asia and, more recently, Austria. She was Alexander-von-Humboldt Foundation Fellow at the Migration Cluster, Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore from 2013 until 2016. She currently heads a research project that seeks to advance methodological approaches to analysing the effects of digitization on social cohesion and conflicts.

Tel: +43-512-507-54016
Email: Tabea.Bork-Hueffer@uibk.ac.at
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Department of German Studies

Monika Dannerer is Professor of German Linguistics. Her research areas include first- and second-language acquisition, multilingualism, institutional language use, and orality and literality. She is currently heading a research project on forms of multilingualism at the university, focusing on the use of languages and (sub-)standard varieties in the university context. She moreover led a research project on multilingualism and the perception of language and variety differences in tourism, and is currently Co-opted Investigator in a project on the perception of linguistic diversity at Austrian Schools.

Tel: +43 512 507-41250
Email: Monika.Dannerer@uibk.ac.at
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Bild: Andreas Exenberger
Department of Economic Theory, Policy and History

Andreas Exenberger is Associate Professor of Economic and Social History with a PhD in Economics and an MA in Political Science, member of the research center "Migration & Globalisation" and the research center "Empirical Economics and Econometrics". His main areas of research are globalisation and international economics (especially the analysis of historical and recent global imbalances), political eocnomy (especially the institutional analysis of historical and recent development processes with regional focus on Africa) and poverty research in global and local contexts. He is also active in various initiatives of knowledge transer into society.

Tel: +43 512 507-71017
Email: Andreas.Exenberger@uibk.ac.at
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Management Center Innsbruck

Bela Gebrewold is Professor of International Relations and Head of Department and Studies of Social Work and Social Policy and Management at the Management Center Innsbruck. His main research areas are international security, conflicts, migration, and social policy. In his various publications, he explores African and European migration policy cooperation; systems of conflict and violence in Africa; African, Asian, and European security interactions; the decision-making dynamics of migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa to the Mediterranean region; and human trafficking and Exploitation.

Tel: +43 512 2070-3410
Email: belachew.gebrewold@mci.edu
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Institute for Teacher Education and School Research

Barbara Herzog-Punzenberger is Professor of Education and head of the research area „Migration and Multilingualism“. Her research focuses on the interplay of structural dimensions, content and didactics of schooling in Austria with respect to mobility, diversity and inequality. She currently leads a research project on „Dynamics of inequality in schools comparing urban and rural contexts“ and a country comparative study on pupils with refugee background in Syria.

Tel: +43 512 507-44435
Email: Barbara.Herzog-Punzenberger@uibk.ac.at
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Hill © Agnieszka Kulowska
Department of Educational Science

Marc Hill is a professor at the Department of Educational Science at the University of Innsbruck and a member of the Research Centre Migration & Globalisation. His focus is on diversity, solidarity and urbanity, especially Postmigration Studies. He is also involved in Citizen Science, for example in the Sparkling Science project "Faces of Migration. Young people from Tyrol explore their family migration history together". With a view to supervising dissertations, he is interested in qualitatively oriented projects on diversity in university contexts, life plans of young people, marginalisation of urban districts, post-migrant art and urbanity, and solidarity alliances.

Tel: +43 512 507-40039
Email: Marc.Hill@uibk.ac.at
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Department of European Law and Public International Law

Andreas Müller is Professor at the Department of European Law and Public International Law. His research focuses on international human rights and humanitarian law, international criminal law, as well as international and EU refugee and migration law. He heads an FWF stand-alone project on “Permissive Rules in Public International Law”, and serves as a member of the Monitoring Body of the State of Tyrol for the Implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Tel: +43 512 507-8326
Email: Andreas.Mueller@uibk.ac.at
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Foto Ramsey-Kurz

Department of English

Helga Ramsey-Kurz is associate professor of English literatures and was chair of the European Association for Commonwealth Literature und Language Studies (EACLALS) from 2014 to 2107. Her main research interests at present are configurations of wealth in post-truth fiction and postcolonial migrant writing. In 2017 she started the teaching project Life Writing: Refugee Encounter Narratives with the aim to set up an archive of stories written by students in collaboration with refugees. 

Tel: +43 512 507-4159
Email: Helga.Ramsey-Kurz@uibk.ac.at
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Department of Contemporary History

Dirk Rupnow is Professor of Contemporary History, and was the 2016/17 incumbent of the Distinguished Visiting Austrian Chair at Stanford University. After heading the Department for Contemporary History from 2010 until 2018, he currently serves as Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and History. He also has extensive experience in leading large-scale research projects and in transdisciplinary cooperation. His current research focuses mainly on the recent history of migration and diversity, especially in Austria, in a transnational European and global context; on questions related to the memory and representation of migration and marginalized groups; on theoretical approaches to the historiography of migration and diversity; and on practical projects preserving the remnants of processes and groups that have been hitherto ignored by the hegemonic historiography and their related institutions. In his projects, he regularly collaborates with partners outside academia such as museums, archives, schools, NGOs, and migrant organizations.

Tel: +43 512 507-4407
Email: Dirk.Rupnow@uibk.ac.at
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Department of Educational Science

Erol Yildiz is Professor at the Department of Educational Science with a designated emphasis on migration and education. Prior to that, he was Professor for Intercultural Education at the University of Klagenfurt. His research focuses on migration research, migration and education, city and urbanity, postmigration, and qualitative research methodology. He has ample experience in leading research projects and currently heads the international research project Political Literacy in Migration Society, funded by the FWF, the SNF and the DFG.

Tel: +43 512 507-40042
Email: Erol.Yildiz@uibk.ac.at
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Associated Faculty Members

Marion Näser-Lather

Department of History and European Ethnology

Marion Näser-Lather is Assistant Professor of European Ethnology. Her research interests include gender studies, social movements, digitalization and methodological and research ethics aspects of research in sensitive fields. In her research, she examines inequality with a focus on gender relations, for example with regard to the struggle for participation in her habilitation on the Italian women's movement "Se Non Ora Quando?" (Waxmann 2019), projects on antifeminism and gender-based violence and the gender norms of the Calabrian Mafian `ndrangheta.

Tel: +43 512 507-43367
Email: marion.naeser-lather@uibk.ac.at
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Former Members

Nikita Dhawan, Univ.-Prof.in Dr.in

Timo Heimerdinger, Univ.-Prof. Dr.

Jan Hinrichsen, Dr.

Manfred Kienpointner, Univ.-Prof. Dr.

Birgit Mertz-Baumgartner, Univ.-Prof.in Mag.a Dr.in

Gilles Reckinger, Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr.

Sergej Seitz, Dr.

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