(acronym for Risk Assessment of Fungal Biological Control Agents) is an EU-funded project to develop simple, in vitro tests to detect and quantify fungal metabolites in the crop or produce, and to identify possible exposure routes, and assess the risk they pose to human and animal health.

Specific objectives include: development of sensitive tools (e.g. biosensors) and methods (including high throughput assays like ELISA and the Vitotoxin test) for rapid and accurate detection of fungal metabolites; biochemical and molecuar studies to elucidate their mode of action; molecular markers to monitor fungal BCAs in the environment, and studies to determine if metabolites enter the food chain and, if so, identify the route of entry and type and quantities present.

Runtime: 2000-2003

For further information please contact:

University of Wales, Swansea
Co-ordinator: Prof. Dr. Tariq M. Butt

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