(acronym for Melolontha suspension) is a Bund-
Bundesländer-Kooperation, to establish a “Sustainable control of cockchafer larvae (Melolontha melolontha) in steep areas”.
The project is funded by Land Tirol and Federal Ministry of Agriculture,
Forestry, Environment and Water Management (Austria, Lebensministerium;
DAFNE 100373/2).

Runtime: 2008-2009

Based on our experience and with the help of Maschinenring Tirol (Rotholz) the goal of this study ('MELOSUS') was demonstrate the potential use of 2nd generation Beauveria formulations (BIPESCO 2) in steep areas. The demonstration study had been supported by the Agricultural Chamber Tyrol (Plant Protection Department) and was conducted in the area Aschau / Brandenberg (Tyrol/Austria).

For further information please contact:
Co-ordinator: Mag. Dr. Hermann Strasser

Project Details


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