BIPESCO-Team Innsbruck
Biological Pest Control 



The BIPESCO Team Innsbruck is an international acknowledged group on the control of subterranean pests (e.g. grape phylloxera, scarab, wireworm and weevil pests, western corn root worm) and ticks with mycoinsecticides such as Beauveria spp. and Metarhizium spp., and of diseases (e.g. ESCA, grapevine root rot) with mycoparasitic fungi such as Clonostachys spp. and Trichoderma spp..

The research topics covered by the BIPESCO group include: soil microbiology, structure elucidation of secondary metabolites, degradation of xenobiotics and agrochemicals and bioleaching of metals, tolerance of plants to metals, biosorption of metals, plant diseases and biological pest control, risk assessment and registration, exploitation of metabolites from biocontrol agents – subjects highly pertinent to the current proposal INBIOSOIL. The BIPESCO Team has also considerable experience in applied agriculture, viticulture and pest management

The BIPESCO group is part of the Mycology Tyrol network. Our excellent references as mycopathology group have allowed to collaborate with many of the leading scientists in this field.

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