(acronym for Melocont Dosage) is a joint project of Bezirkslandwirtschaftskammer Landeck, Amt der Tiroler Landesregierung  – Gruppe Agrar and University Innsbruck, to characterise the persistence of the entomopathogenic fungal antagonist – Beauveria brongniartii BIPESCO 2 – in Melolontha infested areas in North Tyrol (Austria).

The project is funded by the Amt der Tiroler Landesregierung, (DB No. 359235).

Maikäfer-Monitoring und Persistenzerhebung des Pilzpathogens Beauveria in ausgewählten Befallsgebieten in Tirol.

In cooperation with the Regional Chamber of Agriculture Landeck/Tyrol and the Office of the Tyrolean Regional Government, Gruppe Agrar, a Melolontha (European cockchafer) monitoring will be carried out, with focus on the Tyrol region West.

In addition, the application success of the biocontrol product MelocontTM Pilzgerste is evaluated, after applying the fungal product once at two different quantities for sustainable control of the major white grub pests at three sites (i.e. European cockchafers).

Runtime: 2022-2023

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Co-ordinator: Dr. Mag. Hermann Strasser

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