(acronym for Beauveria monitoring) is a joint project of the research network University Innsbruck, VZ Laimburg, Agroscope Reckenholz Tänikon and Agricultural chamber of Tyrol to monitor the biocontrol agent Melocont® Pilzgerste (B. brongniartii - BIPESCO 2) in cockchafer infested areas in East, North, and South Tyrol treated over a period of two decades.The project is supported by Amt der Tiroler Landesregierung (BEAUMON, Grant Agreement No. LWSJF 0109/736).

Runtime: 2012-2013

Based on our twenty years experience with Melocont® Pilzgerste the goal of this study ('BEAUMON') is to demonstrate the persistence and the efficacy of Melocont® Pilzgerste BIPESCO 2) in chockchafer infested areas in the EURO-region Tyrol. The efficacy of Melocont® Pilzgerste is determined by assessing the density of the host Melolontha spp. at selected sites in treated areas and by evaluating the success of and satisfaction with the recommended inoculative biocontrol strategy by the means of a survey. For this purpose more than 50 farmers from the regions were interviewed.

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Co-ordinator: Mag. Dr. Hermann Strasser

Final report – Master Thesis Johanna Mayerhofer



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