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Recent Working Papers

Stjepan Srhoj, Michael Lapinski, Janette Walde , 2019. "Size matters? Impact evaluation of business development grants on SME performance ". 2019-14 [Online-version]

A. M. Leiter, E. Theurl, 2019. "Determinants of prepaid systems of healthcare financing - a worldwide country-level perspective". 2019-13 [Online-version]

M. Razen, M. Kirchler, U. Weitzel, 2019. "Domain-Specific Risk-Taking Among Finance Professionals". 2019-12 [Online-version]

J. Hall, R. Kerschbamer, D.  Neururer, E. Skoog, 2019. "Uncovering sophisticated discrimination with the help of credence goods markups - evidence from a natural field experiment". 2019-11 [Online-version]

D.  Glätzle-Rützler, P. Lergetporer, M. Sutter, 2019. "Collective intertemporal decisions and heterogeneity in groups". 2019-10 [Online-version]

Recent Publications

A. Exenberger, 2019. "Die Rationalität von bewaffneten Konflikten: Eine Einführung in die Ergebnisse der Konfliktökonomie". Political Science Applied IX, S. 6-9. [Paper]

M. Pfaffermayr, 2019. "Gravity Models, PPML Estimation and the Bias of the Robust Standard Errors". Applied Economics Letters. [Paper]

T. Hörtnagel, R. Kerschbamer, R. Stracke, 2019. "Competing for Market Shares: Does the Order of Moves Matter Even When It Shouldn’t?". Journal of Economic Behavior and Organisation. [forthcoming]

A. Groll, J. Hambuckers, T. Kneib, N. Umlauf, 2019. "LASSO-type penalization in the framework of generalized additive models for location, scale and shape". Computational Statistics & Data Analysis. [Paper]

T. Kneib, N. Klein, S. Lang, N. Umlauf, 2019. "Rejoinder on: Modular regression - a Lego system for building structured additive distributional regression models with tensor product interactions". TEST. [Paper]

M. Gebetsberger, R. Stauffer, G. J. Mayr, A. Zeileis, 2019. "Skewed Logistic Distribution for Statistical Temperature Post-Processing in Mountainous Areas". Advances in Statistical Climatoloy, Meteorology and Oceanography. [Paper]

D. Scott, R. Steiger, H. Dannevig, C. Aall, 2019. "Climate change and the future of the Norwegian alpine ski industry". Current Issues in Tourism. [Paper]

R. Steiger, 2019. Chapter 15. Tourism and Climate Change. In: Müller, D. (Hrsg.): A Research Agenda for Tourism Geographies (pp. 138-148). Cheltenham: Edward Elgar

F. von Bieberstein, E. Feess, J. F. Fernando, F. Kerzenmacher, J. Schiller, 2019. "Moral hazard, risk sharing, and the optimal pool size". The Journal of Risk and Insurance. [Paper]

About eeecon

The research platform eeecon is the home of researchers working in the area of empirical and experimental economics based on theory.

The main objective of our research platform is to deepen the cooperation and collaboration between the involved research centers and members, leading to interdisciplinary research projects and co-authorships. The working paper series of eeecon (listed in REPEC) allows members to disseminate their most recent research projects to the broad academic community. Eeecon workshops and lectures promote the exchange of information and benefit from the participation of highly reputed international speakers, signaling the extraordinary quality standard of the network and research work. [read more] 

Research objectives of eeecon are the research objectives of its research members. Therefore, topics include (1) problems in macroeconomics, globalization and the evaluation of politico-economic tasks, (2) methodical fundamental research in the area of spatio-temporal models in Econometrics and Statistics, especially in Computational Statistics, (3) the significance of environment and soft factors, like social capital or cultural norms, for quality of life, economic development and innovative capacity of (ecologically sensitive) regions, (4) individual and strategic decision-making processes using a combination of theoretical and experimental methods, and (5) the analysis of the contribution of better developed markets and the innovation of complex financial instruments to a sustainable improvement of our economies and societies.

The application of up-to-date methodical knowledge and theoretical findings to analyze current economically and socially relevant problems enables eeecon members to publish in highly ranked journals. Therefore, the University of Innsbruck is recognized internationally as a successful research location in the area of empirical and experimental economics.


research platform Empirical and Experimental Economics
Universitätsstraße 15, A-6020 Innsbruck

Josephine Pöll, platform coordinator
+43 512 507-39881  eeecon@uibk.ac.at  

Speaker of the Platform: Janette Walde

Secretary: Verena Baumgartner

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