ECPR Roundtable #1 - Big data in political science

22.03.2023: The round table offers a platform for discussion on the opportunities but also the challenges of big data in political science.

  Podcast PolitikWissen

Technological changes allow us to collect huge amounts of data from many different sources. Never before have we seen such a detailed and extensive collection of data about people's behavior as now, in the age of the Internet. Big data advocates see the potential to raise new questions that we were unable to answer before large-scale datasets became available. However, big data is "no free lunch" and researchers face ethical questions around data protection and intellectual property rights.

Chairs: Dominik Duell and Lisa Lechner, University of Innsbruck

Speakers Kevin Munger, Pennsylvania State University Julia Schulte-Cloos, European University Institute Alexandra Segerberg, Uppsala Universitet


Recorded on August 22nd, 2023, at the University of Innsbruck.






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Duell, Dominik; Lechner, Lisa; Munger, Kevin; Schulte-Cloos, Julia; Segerberg, Alexandra (2023): ECPR Roundtable #1 - Big data in political science, ECPR General Conference 2022, University of Innsbruck,


Music by Lost Harmonies.

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