Hugo Ort­ner

Curriculum Vitae

1990:  M. Sc., University of Innsbruck, Austria: Diploma thesis: "Geology and Sedimentology of the Western Muttekopf Gosau Basin"
1996: Ph. D., University of Innsbruck, Austria: Ph.D. thesis: "Deformation and Diagenesis of the Lower Inn Valley Tertiary between Rattenberg and Durchholzen"
2003: Habilitation, University of Innsbruck, Austria, Habilitationsschrift "Deformation of the Northern Calcareous through Alpine Orogeny - Brittle Structures and Synorogenic Sediments"

Research Interests:

  • field geology and geological mapping
  • deformation of sedimentary rocks - soft sediment deformation, brittle microtectonics, section balancing, seismic interpretation, 3D modeling
  • regional geology
current projects:
  • GeEN Inntal- Integrative geothermal energy potential in the eastern part of the Inn Valley: A key demo case for resilient geothermal energy supply in Alpine regions
  • Fault rocks and alluvial sedimentation in the Central Apennines
  • Geometry of thrust sheets of the western Northern Calcareous Alps, systematics of out-of-sequence thrusting, and salt tectonics
past projects:
  • Geometry and sequence of thrusting in the Subalpine Molasse of western Austria and Bavaria
  • ACoRE - B: Potential of deep Geothermics in Vorarlberg (alpS - GmbH)
  • Geological map sheets Reit im Winkl and Seegatterl for the Bavarian Geological Survey
  • Kinematics and Geochronology in the Rätikon mountains, Vorarlberg
  • Paleomagnetism in orogenic systems: Large rotations in the Alps and their structural expression, Rotation of segments of the Northern Calcareous Alps
  • Synorogenic Sediments: local and regional scale interaction of deformation and sedimentation, early (pre-lithification) deformation of sediments
    key research area: Gosau Group at Muttekopf
  • Tectonics and diagenesis in Tertiary sediments of the Inn Valley
  • Geological map of the Brenner base tunnel north feeder: Triassic south of Inn valley
  • TectonicVB: A program for analysis of structural data (currently discontinued, last version running on MacOS 9.2; use SheepShaver to emulate MacOS 9 on the current MacOS X)
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