Our 5 latest papers

  • Chatelain, M., Rüdisser, J., & Traugott, M. (2023). Urban-driven decrease in arthropod richness and diversity associated with group-specific changes in arthropod abundance. Frontier in Ecology & Evolution.


  • Nagler, M., Podmirseg, S. M., Ascher-Jenull, J., Sint, D., & Traugott, M. (2022). Why eDNA fractions need consideration in biomonitoring. Molecular Ecology Resources.



  • Sint, D., Kolp, B., Rennstam Rubbmark, O., Füreder, L., & Traugott, M. (2022). The amount of environmental DNA increases with freshwater crayfish density and over time. Environmental DNA, 4, 417– 424.


  • Thalinger, B, Deiner, K, Harper, LR, et al. A validation scale to determine the readiness of environmental DNA assays for routine species monitoring. Environmental DNA. 2021; 3: 823– 836.

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Food Web Designer

Sint & Traugott 2015. JPS. Food Web Designer: a flexible tool to visualize interaction networks. Doi: 10.1007/s10340-015-0686-7

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DNA Calculator

Sint et al. 2012. MEE. Advances in multiplex PCR: balancing primer efficiencies and improving detection success. Doi: 10.1111/j.2041-210X.2012.00215.x

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