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  • Auer, S., Graf, W., Hartmann, A., Lietner, P., Sint, D., Traugott, M., & Auer, S. (2023). Evaluation of three monitoring methods for the native European crayfish Austropotamobius torrentium. Freshwater Crayfish, 28(1), 1-9.


  • Rijal, D. P., Hanebrekke, T., Arneberg, P., Johansen, T., Sint, D., Traugott, M., Skern-Mauritzen, M., & Westgaard, J.-I. (2023). Contaminants reach everywhere: Fish dietary samples should be surface decontaminated prior to molecular diet analysis. Ecology and Evolution, 13(6), e10187.

  • Chatelain, M. (2023) Endogeic Earthworms Avoid Soil Mimicking Metal Pollution Levels in Urban Parks. Sustainability, 15, 11513.


Complete list of Publications

Chatelain, M., Rüdisser, J., & Traugott, M. (2023). Urban-driven decrease in arthropod richness and diversity associated with group-specific changes in arthropod abundance. Frontier in Ecology & Evolution.

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Other Articles

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Corresponding Publication: Sint & Traugott 2015. JPS.: Food Web Designer: a flexible tool to visualize interaction networks. Doi: 10.1007/s10340-015-0686-7

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