Stefan Gandler (Promotion 1997 in Frankfurt/Main bei Alfred Schmidt) ist Univ.-Professor für PhilosophieGandler_Stefan2 und Gesellschaftstheorie. Er lehrte an verschiedenen Universitäten wie der Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, University of California Santa Cruz, Tulane University, New Orleans, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt/Main und der Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro, an deren Gesellschaftswissenschaftlichen Fakultät er das Forschungsprojekt “Kritische Theorie aus den Amerikas” des Nationalen Wissenschafts- und Forschungsrats (CONACYT) gründete und leitet.
2021: Bolívar Echeverría Prize, awarded biennially by the International Herbert Marcuse Society


Research Project: Aspects of a Critical Theory from the Americas
In recent years, in Latin America has grown in the social plane the impulse to distance itself from worldwide loci of power, reorganizing economic and political relations; this trend, however, is hardly visible in the field of social philosophy. It is now urgent to reorganize the international philosophical and social-sciences discussion, using Critical Theory as its starting point. Critical Theory is one of the few existing social theories with the ability to develop and reconstruct the remains of the capability for auto-critique in the existing world society.
One of the promising results of this theoretical reorganization is to overcome the ongoing dominance of philosophical Eurocentrism, a dominance that actually is no less virulent than it was in the times of the Colonialism. Only through an open and non-Eurocentric reorganization of the international discussion on social theory and philosophy, will it be possible to give society the conceptual tools it needs in order to leave the state of reflective stagnation it has been trapped in for over the past three decades. This stagnation, reflected in our inability to leave behind the so-called neoliberal ideology, has propelled us into going about our everyday lives in a world where both the social and ecological consequences of this ideology are becoming irreversible.
New Publication

Stefan Gandler (Hrsg.), Teoría crítica desde las Américas. México, Miguel Ángel Porrúa, Reihe Las Ciencias Sociales. Cuarta Década, 2021, 252 S. ISBN 978-607-524-444-0.

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