OA publishing in Wiley journals

Since 2018, members of the University of Innsbruck and the Medical University of Innsbruck can publish open access free of charge in around 1,300 Wiley hybrid journals and have access to around 1,500 scientific papers.

Which journals can scientists of the universities publish in?

You can publish open access in 1,300 Wiley journals offering the open choice option. You can find a list of open choice journals here.

Who can publish open access?

Eligible are authors

  • that are corresponding authors of the article and members of the University of Innsbruck or the Medical University of Innsbruck
  • whose articles were accepted by a journal that offers OnlineOpen
  • that are publishing a primary research or review article

ATTENTION: It is not permitted to retrospectively change the corresponding author.

Procedure/Verification Process:

Please indicate your affiliation with the University of Innsbruck or the Medical University of Innsbruck already when submitting your article. The verification of authors' affiliation with universities is done exclusively through the indication of the institution.

After the acceptance of your contribution, choose the option “OnlineOpen” in the Wiley authors' interface.
You can find more information for authors about the procedure here.
The affiliation is verified by Wiley and the university/University Library.
The article is published under a Creative Commons licence (CC-BY).

If you have any questions, please contact
University and Regional Library of Tyrol | Electronic Resources Department
Lisa Hofer, tel: +43 (0) 512-507/31038
Erika Pörnbacher, tel: +43 (0) 512-507/2405

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