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Mycological Collection

The mycological collection at the Leopold-Franzens-University Innsbruck houses approximately 25.000-30.000 records of fungi. The collection was established by Dr. Dr.h.c. Meinhard Moser (1924-2002) in the fifties of the past century. The main part of the collection consists of Agaricales, Russulales, Boletales, and "Aphyllophorales."

Meinhard Moser was known throughout the world for his expertise in agaric taxonomy. His exceptional knowledge of these fungi, in particulary of Cortinariaceae, and his numerous publications have influenced modern taxonomic concepts in the Agaricales. Thus, for instance, 2000 records come from the original collecting sites of Elias Fries around Femsjö, Sweden. Moreover, his collecting trips to several European countries, to Asia, South- and North America are reflected in 27.000 records of fungi and 500 type collections.

Since 1991 Martin Kichmair, Ursula Peintner and Reinhold Pöder resume the research group for systematics, taxonomy and developmental biology of fungi at the Institute of Microbiology.