In order to promote the integration of excellent female researchers into the scientific system and to ensure scientific excellence, the University of Innsbruck, on initiative of the Vice Rectorate for Human Resources, announces a career support programme for outstandingly qualified female researchers of all disciplines, who are aiming for a habilitation or are in the process of habilitation or ongoing habilitation procedures.

The programme is named after the physical chemist Erika Cremer (1900-1996). In memory of the great researcher who, despite her outstanding scientific achievements, was only appointed full professor of physical chemistry at the University of Innsbruck in 1959 and was appointed director of the Institute of Physical Chemistry, the University of Innsbruck promotes the careers of women in science.

A habilitation programme is offered in the form of a temporary position of up to 48 months. The applicant should be given the opportunity to concentrate on her habilitation project in order to bring it to a successful conclusion. Furthermore, the programme aims to integrate the applicant into the research area of the University of Innsbruck and to ensure her scientific presence at the respective institute. After completion of the funding, the qualification level of habilitation should be reached, which qualifies the applicant to apply for a domestic or foreign professorship. However, the award of an Erika Cremer position does not lead to a permanent position at the University of Innsbruck.


Conditions for application and awarding:


Female early career researchers from all disciplines who are aiming for a habilitation or are in the process of habilitation or in ongoing habilitation procedures are eligible to apply.


The applicant has to demonstrate relevant scientific experience at home and abroad as well as international scientific publications. Preliminary work on the planned habilitation project is desired and must be proven.


For the application, a description of the planned research project to achieve the habilitation including all necessary enclosures must be submitted as listed in the form.


Approval must be obtained from the host institution to which the applicant will be assigned if the application is granted.


This position is associated with a teaching activity of up to 4 semester hours.


For the duration of the funding, a temporary employment contract as scientific staff member with an employment level of 100% is offered in accordance with the provisions of the collective agreement.


The scope of funding includes personnel costs for the project leader and project-specific costs, i.e. material and travel costs required for the implementation of the project. These can be applied for up to a maximum of EUR 15.000,00 per year. Of the project-specific costs, up to EUR 2.000,00 per year can be used for coaching or personnel development measures. Costs borne by the Staff Development of the University of Innsbruck will not be covered:


The duration of the employment is up to 48 months. Temporary stays abroad for research purposes are possible within the framework of the funding.


It is envisaged that one habilitation programme will be awarded per year.


The award is made by the Vice Rectorate for Research on the basis of international peer review.


The listed requirements must be met at the time of submission!


The application is made via  



At the latest


Thursday, 30th of March 2023

Please address any questions to:

Dr. Katharina Steinmüller,, University of Innsbruck

Phone: +43/512/507-34411;




A decision is planned for mid-year.

The German version of the call prevails over the English in case deviations.

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