Excellence scholarships for Doctoral Colleges (DC)

The University of Innsbruck provides dissertation scholarships for doctoral programmes (DKs). A structured education at the highest scientific level is offered for doctoral candidates.

Duration of the scholarship: up to a maximum of 24 months

Funding is provided for young scientists who are involved in the research operations and the scientific community of a Doctoral College.

Award conditions / general information:



All doctoral students can apply who are enrolled at the University of Innsbruck as regular students and are registered to continue their studies. Applicants must be members of a Doctoral College of the University of Innsbruck.


Applicants need to provide evidence of excellent academic success (excellent grade average + normal length of study).


The monthly grant amounts to € 910. The scholarship is granted for 24 months. Interim evaluations take place after every 6 months, i.e. the funding period is fixed for 6 months. An interruption of the 24-months funding period is only possible twice. The interruption may not last longer than 6 months, otherwise a new application must be submitted.


During the scholarship period, a simultaneous employment at the University of Innsbruck is not possible. 

Income-earning activities - outside the university of Innsbruck - entailing more than 20 working hours per week are not permissible and will result in the immediate cancellation of the scholarship.


A note that a scholarship has been granted by the Vice Rector for Research of the University of Innsbruck must be included in all scientific work (including the dissertation) published during the receipt of such a scholarship. In terms of affiliation, the University of Innsbruck has to be named.


Documents to be provided:

-        Description of the planned dissertation project: introduction/hypothesis, state of art (reference to the appropriate international scientific community), project objectives/hypotheses, description of the project’s anticipated level of originality or innovation /impact of the progress expected (precise and clearly defined innovative aspects), methodology, work and time planning, co-operations (national and international), description of any ethical aspects, list of project-relevant literature, total length 8 – 12 pages

-        Abstract (approximately half a page, German version)

-        Letter of recommendation from the dissertation supervisor

-        Curriculum vitae and list of publications

-        Confirmation of Graduation

-        Certificates (diploma/bachelor's/master's certificates) from all studies

-        Academic record und confirmation of study periods

-        Registration of the dissertation

The conditions stipulated for this scholarship must be met before the application is filed.

Evaluation criteria are, in addition to the description of the dissertation project, the grade of the diploma or master's thesis as well as the grade average in the basic studies. It is recommended to submit only in case of very good grades.


The application is made by

1) entering all documents (incl. enclosures) in the PROJECT DATABASE (PDB) using the application form available on the Internet:



2) an e-mail with the PROJECT DATABASE NUMBER to forschungsfoerderung@uibk.ac.at.


Please address any questions to:

Dr. Gundula Schwinghammer, projekt.service.büro, University of Innsbruck

Tel. 0512/507-34417; E-Mail: forschungsfoerderung@uibk.ac.at  

Web: https://www.uibk.ac.at/ffq/forschungsfoerderung/ 



Vice-Rectorate for Research / project.service.office

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