Forschungspreise der Stiftung Südtiroler Sparkasse an der Universität Innsbruck

In order to honour outstanding, lastest scientific achievements at the University of Innsbruck, the Vice-Rector for Research, on behalf of the Stiftung Südtiroler Sparkasse, announces the " Forschungspreise der Stiftung Südtiroler Sparkasse an der Universität Innsbruck".

A total of 10,000 euros will be awarded. The prize will be awarded to two to four winners.

Habilitated scientists or scientists with habilitation-equivalent qualifications from all faculties of the University of Innsbruck.

Monographs (incl. habilitations) or two to three coherent, high-class papers/articles.

  1. the work to be submitted must have been published or accepted for publication in the last two calendar years (i.e. 2022 or later)
  2. The work(s) must have an affiliation with the University of Innsbruck
  3. In the case of joint theses, only the main author (first author or corresponding author) can submit in agreement with the co-authors.

Please have the application entered in the project database at the responsible project database officer of your institute and upload all documents individually as .pdf files. Please send the project database number as an application by e-mail by

Thursday, 23 May 2024


Documents to be submitted

  1. CompletedApplication form
  2. Scientific paper(s) (for habilitations, please enclose all reviews)
  3. Scientific abstract (max. 1 A4 page in the usual language for the respective scientific field). In the case of related papers, please submit a joint abstract.
  4. Abstract understandable for laypersons in approx. 20-25 sentences and CV in 5-7 sentences in German as a docx document (will be used for the speech at the ceremony).
  5. Detailed CV and professional background for the review in pdf format; list of relevant publications of the applicant (only the FLD extract is valid as proof of publication).
  6. Declaration of consent from co-authors of papers/articles.

The next call will presumably take place in 2025.

It should be noted that scientific work that has already been honoured by the University of Innsbruck will not be awarded a prize a second time. This applies to the following prizes: Preis des Fürstentums Liechtenstein für wissenschaftliche Forschung an der Universität Innsbruck und der Medizinischen Universität Innsbruck, Preis der Landeshauptstadt Innsbruck für wissenschaftliche Forschung an der Universität Innsbruck

Works with a thematic reference to South Tyrol have priority over others of the same scientific quality.

The research prize of the Stiftung Südtiroler Sparkasse can only be awarded once to the same person.

The research prizes are awarded by the University of Innsbruck on behalf of the Südtiroler Sparkasse Foundation to those persons who are proposed by the Vice-Rector for Research of the University of Innsbruck after international review and preparation by an advisory committee.

The research prize will presumably be awarded at a ceremony in the winter semester of the following academic year.

The German version prevails over the English one in case of deviations.

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