Sarah Ennemoser & Margareth Graf

Our three-day visit to the School of Education at the University of Iceland was immensely rewarding, thanks to the outstanding collaboration we experienced. Through this partnership, we had the opportunity to engage in a diverse and enlightening program. We delved into various aspects of faculty work, such as event management, conference organization, teacher administration, and internship coordination, alongside thought-provoking discussions on 'Diversity, Global Citizenship, Identity, and Pluralism'. This substantive exchange left a lasting impact, broadening our perspectives. Moreover, we established a valuable connection with the University of Iceland as an Aurora partner, and gained insights into the operational dynamics of the School of Education

Sarah Ennemoser
Office of the Dean of the Faculty of Teacher Education
Margareth Graf
Department of Subject Didactics
Statement on the Aurora Staff Mobility at the University of Iceland 

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