According to the Recommendations of the Council and the national Bologna Follow-up Group (German only), micro-credentials are

(...) evidence of the learning outcomes achieved by a learner in the context of a less extensive learning unit. These learning outcomes are assessed on the basis of transparent and clearly defined criteria. (..)

Micro-credentials are designed to enable learners to acquire specific knowledge, skills and competences that meet social, personal, cultural or labor market needs.

Universität Innsbruck implements quality-assured micro-credentials as part of the Aurora teaching development. Students at Universität Innsbruck can complete these micro-credentials as part of the curricular module "Interdisciplinary Competencies". This enables all (regular) students at Universität Innsbruck to use micro-credentials as individual, flexible learning paths worth up to 10 ECTS credits.

In the academic year 2024/205, the following Aurora micro-credentials will be offered:

Micro-credentials must be able to be implemented at very short notice in order to react quickly to professional/academic, social and/or labor market requirements. Appropriate procedures and processes are being piloted for this purpose. In addition, quality assurance mechanisms are being developed for micro-credentials that are based on university curricular standards.

Micro-credentials are student- or learner-centered educational formats. The formulation of learning outcomes and the assessment of learning outcomes using transparent and valid criteria are therefore also central.

For the formulation of learning outcomes, theLOUIS (Learning Outcomes in University for Impact on Society) performance descriptors for transversal learning outcomes and the rev. Bloom's Taxonomy according to Krathwohl for disciplinary (subject-specific) learning outcomes are particularly recommended.

The European standard elements for the description of micro-credentials are taken into account both for the description and for the (digital) certification of Aurora micro-credentials. On the one hand, this enables the classification or recognition of micro-credentials by other international or national universities/educational institutions and future employers and, on the other hand, makes the added value and quality of individual, flexible learning paths within (regular) studies clear.

Both the certificates and the (short) learning formats themselves are referred to as micro-credentials. Aurora micro-credential certificates are described according to the European Standards for Micro-credentials and issued digitally by means of an officially signed .pdf. The issuance of Aurora Micro-credentials in the form of digital wallets is planned.

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For general questions about Aurora micro-credentials, please send an email to: Aurora@uibk.ac.at

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