Student engagement

The overall vision is to use our academic excellence in education and research to influence societal change. Both the Aurora University Network and the European Universities Alliance attach great importance to student participation: Within the universities as well as in the context of European exchanges

Aurora University Network

Students are excited to be an integral part of the network and aim to be a driving force in shaping and achieving its ambitions. Aurora Student Council (ASC) consists of two elected student representatives from each university, who collectively decide on student priorities for their own Aurora activities and student priorities for the network. The Aurora Universities Network offers a unique opportunity for students to exchange experiences and improve the quality of student representation at each university. The elected chair of the Aurora student council participates in the General Council and Board meetings. They are actively involved in the network’s activities and ensure Aurora’s continued student focus.

The Aurora student representatives from Universität Innsbruck:

Aurora European Universities Alliance

Being part of the work packages and activities

The Alliance’s projects are divided into work packages and activities. Students from a wide range of Aurora universities participate in these activities in order to play a decisive role in shaping the Alliance from the very beginning. If you are interested in participating, the Innsbruck Aurora Office will be happy to to get you involved.


Aurora Student Champion

As an Aurora Student Champion, you will help Aurora student council expand its work, working with Aurora staff to help drive forwards its collective ambitions.

Aurora Student Champion Scheme

Aurora Student Champions Innsbruck 2022-2023
Timothy Aditya Sutantyo

Timothy Aditya Sutantyo

Study Programme: MA Information Systems
Work Package: WP 3.4.2 Digital Society and Global Citizenship 

I would like to meet students from different Aurora partner universities and to try something new. The development of the new master program "Digital Society and Global Citizenship" interests me, and I am looking forward to discussing it with the Faculty Deans and Professors.

Miriam Egger

Miriam Egger

Study Programme:  MA Strategic Management and Innovation
Work Package: 

I am very happy to be part of the Aurora Student Champion Scheme this academic year. Especially the idea of a network of international university cooperation and the possibility to learn together and from each other across national borders convinced me to get involved.

Valerie Bauder

Valerie Bauder

Study Programme:  MA Psychology          
Work Package: WP 6.2 Dissemination

During my time in the Aurora European University Alliance, I have met many great people, many of whom I can count among my good friends today. In addition, I have often had the opportunity to participate in courses offered by the Aurora universities. Especially "Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation focusing on Sustainability & Climate Change", in the course of which I was allowed to participate in the Forum Alpbach 2022, has left a noticeable mark on me, both through the insights gained into new subject areas and through special interpersonal encounters, so that it is now even more important to me to work towards a more sustainable future in collaboration with other people later on. Last but not least, I am very happy that the Aurora Universities are setting an example in terms of sustainability with their collaborations in the Aurora Alliance and I am looking forward to the exciting and interesting projects that will continue to arise from this.

David Schwemmer

David Schwemmer

Study Programme:  BA Psychology
Work Package:         

I'm interested in Aurora, because I'm interested in international exchange and learning about the differences and similarities of studying in another country. Also as an Aurora Ambassador I have the freedom to do as much as I want, when I want, so why not? 


Our warmest congratulations go to our Aurora Students in Innsbruck, who have successfully completed the Aurora Student Schemes. Aurora Champions & Ambassadors have represented Universität Innsbruck and served as multipliers for Aurora Student work and for the Aurora Alliance projects.

  • Stefanie Fasching-Stadlmair – Silver Award
  • Hanna Thaller – Gold Award
  • Valerie Bauder – Gold + Distinction Award
  • Miriam Egger – Gold + Distinction Award
  • Radovan Vodila – Gold +Distinction Award

Aurora Student Champions

  • Amy Lucas - Bronze Award
  • Miriam Egger - Gold Award
  • Valerie Bauder - Platinum Award

Aurora Student Ambassador

  • David Schwemmer - Bronze Award
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