The Faculty of Business and Management at the University of Innsbruck offers its staff the intellectual space to further develop their multi-faceted, individual research work. In recent years, a research profile has been established that focuses, on the one hand, on our specialised research centres Accounting Theory and Research; Financial Markets and Risk; Information Systems for Connected Work and Life; Organisational Research; Strategic Leadership, Innovation and Brand; and Services Sciences and Knowledge-intensive Organizations. On the other hand, these groups of researchers are founding members of the interdisciplinary research platforms Empirical and Experimental Economics, Gender Research: Identities - Discourse - Transformation and Organizations and Society.

Research platforms

Research centres

In recent years, six major research areas have been established at our faculty:

Accounting Theory and Research
Innsbruck Decision Sciences (IDS)
Strategic Leadership, Innovation and Branding
Tourism and Leisure in Mountain Regions



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